The Band "Captain America"

Kurt Cobain wearing a Captain America t-shirt

This section is about the underground band Captain America.

Captain America was an underground punk band in Glasgow, Scotland. They were led by Eugene Kelly, of The Vaselines. Two years after the Vaselines broke up, Eugene was invited to support The Lemonheads. He didn't have a band at the time so he borrowed Gordon Keen as a guitarist from BMX Bandits, James from The Vaselines, and Brendan O'Hare from Teenage Fanclub, to play for the Lemonheads. They wrote a couple of songs together and called themselves Captain America. Kurt really admired Eugene's work from The Vaselines, so four months after their gig with The Lemonheads they were invited to support Nirvana. Their connection with Nirvana made people think that they would sound like Nirvana just because Kurt wore there T-shirt on the cover of the NME.

As soon as they made their debut with the Wow EP, Marvel Comics in America took legal action to stop them using the name "Captain America" again. They now became known as Eugenius. They also replaced Gordon Keen & Brendan O'Hare with Roy Lawrence and Ray Boyle. In October 1992, after Captain America had changed their name to Eugenius, they put out an album titled "Oomalama"

NME magizine cover with Kurt Cobain wearing a Captain America t-shirt

I got most of the info, the cover image to Oomalama, and the 5 RA clips from CdNow. I would also like to thank Robert from Nirvana in Nirvana for some info, and Tyler Oakes from I'd Rather Be Dead Than Coolfor some info. Thanks guys!!