Past Updates

9/12/99 hello!! It's been about 5 months since i've even looked at this page. :) I don't know what i'm going to do. I'm thinking that i might do one last big update. like remodel, make all my links work, i've got a TON of songs to add to fans cover nirvana. we'll see. this will most likely never happen, pretty much because i'm so lazy. :( well, i just wanted to let the very few people that still come here know that i'm alive and you might get some attention. later.

4/16/99 hey, I added the top ten original Nirvana sites to the bottom of the page. Theres alot of good pages there if you want some good Nirvana pages, there really hard to find nowadays.

4/11/99 Hello. i've finally put my page back up, but without any of the things i said i would. I have alot of stuff to add. I will eventually have them up, but i've been really busy lately with school and other stuff lataly. thats all for now. later.

3/2/99 hey, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been working on the page for a school competition i'm in. On friday i go to the State comp. hehe, and i've still got alot to do. :( Check out the Original Nirvana Sites Guide. It's not completed yet.

2/23/99 I changed the table color, I hope it looks okay.

2/22/99 I got that song in Fans Cover Nirvana up. It's About a Girl

2/21/99 hey, I'm still going to add the new song for fans cover nirvana soon. Me and Tyler from I'd Rather Be Dead Than Cool are making a page called, The Nirvana Original Sites Guide. It's exactly what it sounds like. we should have it up this week probably.

2/20/99 hello, I've got another song to add to Fans cover Nirvana, but i'm having problems with space for all my files, so it'll be a day or two. I did a review of Slivers and Paper Cuts for Nirvana In Nirvana, you can read it here. Happy Birthday Kurt!

2/16/99 hey, today i added anothe song to fans cover. it's Sappy. I also got my new menu i promised you. I hope you like it, thanks to Daniel for helping a little. :)

2/14/99 i won an award today, from the real audio archive. I was about done with my new menu, when i thought of alot better idea. it's going to be a cool menu, your gonna have to wait a little longer though. :(

2/10/99 hello, i went to the competition today, i got second place because some of the material wasn't very good. i'm going to state on the 5th and 6th of march, or somewhere around there. hopefully my page will be greatly improved by then. i'm still working on that menu, but i've been really busy lately so it may be a little.

2/8/99 Hey, i've been really busy lately, but when i get time, sometime next weekend, i'm going to make a new menu. I also joined the Nirvana top 50.

2/6/99 hey, I have a ton to do this weekend, so i probably won't update. sorry about that, but i'm making a web page for a school competition i'm in. wish me luck. :)

2/4/99 well, i moved my page to my isp's server. no pop up add!! :) i've spent alot of time changing everthing for this server. I'm leaving all the stuff on the hypermart server and linking to it. but all of the html documents are here so you won't get any pop-ups. if any of the links don't work please tell me.

2/3/99 hey, if anyone knows of a good server that has alot of space will you please let me know? I have run out of space on this server and i don't like linking to other servers for files, it slows my page down even more. And please don't tell me about fortune city, their to slow. thanks.

2/3/99 hello again, my sight has been down for about 3 weeks now. The host that I was on, Netmanor, deleted my page and it took me awhile to decide to put my page back up. well, i'm planning a new layout soon, and i've got a bunch more pictures of my Jag-Stang to put up. I also joined the Top 50 Nirvana sites, it's new and needs members, if your a webmaster you should join. well, thats all for now, some things mught not work right now cause i need to change the urls, it should be fixed shortly though, see ya.

1/19/99 hey, i know i haven't been updating alot lately, i've just been lazy. well, today i added a lot of songs to Fans Cover Nirvana, I have about 10 more pictures to add to the pictures of my Jag-Stang.

1/10/99 I've got a new section. it's song pictures. go and check it out.

1/9/99 Well, i decide to move servres. i just couldn't stand that pop up add anymore. this server is fast, and i get 5 more megs than hypermart. If you find any broken links, or anything wrong please mail me even if the page loads, make sure it's not at hypermart, because i probably screwed something up while i was moving my page here.thanks

1/8/99 hey, i'm thinking of moving servers, the url is a little longer but it doesn't have a pop up add, those things drive me crazy!!!

1/7/99 hello. it's finally the weekend. I added another song to fans cover it's by Bzyk. It's a really great cover of Opinions.

1/6/99hey, Joey made 5 songs for Fans cover! you can go ahead and check them out. Hopefully i'll get the 2 reviews done tonight, probably not but we can hope. :) I took down the Java map, i will be making a new menu soon. but for now you can just use the text links.

1/6/99hey everyone. i was visiting, Krist Novoselics personal site, and he made an update to the nirvana section. he was saying that their going to start which i think is great, i know i've always wanted a but no fans could get it, i bet Krist has probably owned it all this time, hehe. Krist was also a talking about how we was looking at some of the Nirvana pages around, and was dissapointed about all of the banner ads on Nirvana pages. Thats why he hasn't put any pictures on the page, he doesn't want people taking them and putting them on their pages and putting banner ads there. I would like to see some of the pictures he has, becuase most people probably haven't seen them before. I hope that sometime he'll put them up, maybe on you should visit it's really great. it has a section on Sweet 75 too. 1/5/99 hello, i've got 2 reviews to do sometime. i've been kind of lazy lately, so i haven't really gotten much done, but i'm hoping to have them up at least by thursday or friday.

1/4/99 hey,Greg here this time, thanks to Joey for making the random banner rotator for me. I will also probably be doing a review tonight. if i do i'll let you know. thats all for now. Hello, Joey here. I know this isn't my page. I added the (java, sorry) banner rotator under the updates just like Dregg wanted. Goodbye.

1/3/99 hello, you can expect the banner rotator sometime this week. i will probably taking the java map down sometime, because not everyone has java. I'm planning on doing another review sometime soon too. see ya later.

1/2/99 Happy new year!! I've decided to start the new year with a new page layout. I added a java map to the right. if you browser doesn't allow java then you can use the links at the bottom of each page. I'm planning on adding a banner rotator under the updates, with help from Joey. :) some of the links on the menu don't work yet, but that will be fixed shortly.

12/19-98 hello, today i took off the section Misheard Lyrics, I moved it to my other page Negative Demension.

12/13-98 hey, today i did a report on Vincent Van Gogh for school. It took me a long time to do, I don't know why but i felt like putting it up here, i really appreciate Van Gogh's work. This report was a quicky, and i could have done 100 times better, i might make it better some day when i have nothing to do. well, enough babbling, Here it is.

12/12-98 hey, i changed the picture on the side to a moreChristmas season appropriate.

12/8-98 I did my first Review today. It was Nirvana TotallyUnplugged. Awesome page. go check it out.

12/6-98 I added a reviews section. I just want to try it for awhile.see how i do. I'll probably take it down soon. If you want youpage reviewed go to the page and fill out the form at the bottomof the page.

12/5-98 hey, i changed the frame bar color to blue. added a new picture to the side <

12/4-98 i made a new menu. it's pretty cool. it took me a long time to figure out. Thanks to Ben at Grungers Corner for the html :)

12/3-98 I added a new section today. Misheard Lyrics. I got it from Mike At Just My Luck. Thanks Mike. I just thought the section was a really cool idea. I added the Nirvanamobile banner exchange. it's at the bottom. this one works so i'll probably keep it. I also did some cleaning up in all my sections.

12/2-98 I got a new banner! thanks to Ben. check it out here. I also added a banner exchange at the bottom, but it didn't work so i took it off.. thats all for now. see ya.

11-30-98 I added a banner exchange to the bottom.

11-22-98 Hey, i haven't updated forever! sorry about that. I'll try to do some more stuff this next week. Thanks giving is almost here! my favorite holiday! Check out my other page, that i make with Joey. Negative Demension he's done pretty much everything on that page right now, but i'm going to do some stuff now.

11-1-98 hello everyone. happy November. I hope you all had as fun as a halloween as i did. well, today i changed the layout, hopw you like it.If there are any broken links, of links to other pages that target this frame instead of going on top of the frames, please tell me. thanks

10-26-98 sorry. i don't think i've ever gone this long without updating. I've been really busy. Well, i changed the image map, and fixed some other things.

10-20-98 fixed alot of minor things. nothing much.

10-18-98 hey, i changed the image map I had to remove Mp3 of the week because i don't have enough space. i also took the poll off.

10-16-98 Robert From Nirvana In Nirvana has done another article. it's on how to build a web page. mostly a Nirvana page it's really great and he's going to update it alot. Check it out.

10-14-98 fixed tha bands name on Fans Cover Nirvana.

10-13-98 added another song to Fans Cover Nirvana. It'a a band, and they really kick ass! check it out! fixed a few small things around too.

10-11-98 new mp3 of the week, image map image, and poll. Added a new screen theme. Captain America Theme.

10-10-98 removed the banner at the bottom, fixed the image map a little. added a quote to the bottom. I will change it pretty often.

10-7-98 hey, i'm going to change the poll, image map, and song of the week on Sunday. and then every Sunday after that i'll change them too. well, today i'm going to be going to a concert with a couple local bands. one is Disconcert. there awsome! then i'm going cosmic bowling, well , thats all from me. See ya.

10-4-98 added Mp3 of the week. i'll hopefully change it every week.

10-3-98 I changed the image map image.

10-2-98 I added 2 new songs to Fans Cover NIrvana. there pretty good! I was out with some friends tonight. We went to see Urband Legends but we got kicked out! It pissed me off! but we went to a music store and i got Hole's Live through this!! I love this cd!! see ya.

10-1-98 October! my favorite month! well, I should have my jag-stang pics up in a minute. They'll be in the Jag-Stang section. Theres a new!! This one is going to be way better than the last one! It's run by the webmster of I'm Worst At What I Do Best. so it's gonna be great! thats all for now.

9-27-98 I added a banner at the bottom of the page. i'm probably going to get a random banner generator there, so it'll show i different banner everytime. Here's a link to the latest Nirvana in Nirvana article. Is Rock...Dead?

9-26-98 hey, sorry for not updating lately. been busy with school. well, i added 2 pictures to Captain America section. I also fixed some links in fans-cover nirvana.

9-21-98 I made a few minor changes to the Captain America Section. fixed a couple broken links around the page too.

9-21-98 hello! I finally got the Captain America Section done!! I'll probably be changing it around a little over the next week or so, untill i like it. Please do my poll, i really want to know if everyone likes this layout. thanks

9-20-98 I added 2 new songs to fans cover nirvana today. still working on my new section.

9-20-98 hey, i know i haven't been updating that much lately, i'm sorry. I'm working on my new section still. it'll be awhile though, but you'll love it. well, i like it. :)

9-17-98 hey, i added a poll below the updates. I will change the subject every other week. i'm still working on song meanings and my other section i'm making. that's all for now.

9-14-98 hello, i'm working on a really cool new section. it'll probaly be a week or 2 before i get it up but it's going to be really cool. I'm working on some more song meanings. once i have about 5 then i'll open the section again. As for the Captain America section, i'm going to be putting a little info on the band Captain America. I don't know much about them, i'm trying to get info on them. I'm probably going to make a few more screen themes and set a thing up where you can send me 3 pictures and i'll make a theme out of them. well, that it for now.

9-12-98 okay, i have now moved my site to hypermart. the fortunecity sever was just way to slow! So i moved here because i like the url's. I know it has that annoying popup, i hate those things! I guess i'll just have to live with it. before i lose my simplenet service you might wanna check out my full songs page. it has lots of full songs in RA and MP3 format. Here it is

9-7-98 HEY!! I just got back from the Metallica concert!!! It was awsome!! Days of the new opened, the Jerry Cantrel then Metallica. DOTN were cool, The jerry guy kinda sucked, but had nice guitar playing. Metallica played a little over 2 hours!! my ears are still ringing. :) I got in a couple good moshes, didn't get hurt much, so it was really cool. i did get elbowed in the head by a crowd surfer though. My shoe came off, and i couldn't find it for about 5 minutes. hehe, that was cool. After there main playing session Metallica came back out and did a couple jazz-like songs. they were pretty cool. they also did an instrumental jam. If Metallica is coming to your town i strongly suggest going! it was a really cool concert!!!!

9-6-98 hey, i added a couple of things to the bottom of the page. One is a link to "People who rip off Nirvana pages" it a really cool site.